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The current terms are integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of online flowers and gifts delivery shop BGFlorist.

3.1. In advance order payment: Every order is to be paid in advance ie prior to its delivery. Orders, for which the payment has not been received by the end of the selected delivery date, will be automatically cancelled.

3.2. Payment methods: You can checkout using one of the below payment methods. We do not accept payments through gateways not mentioned in those Terms.

3.2.1. Credit or debit cards: You can pay your order with your Visa or Maestro / Mastercard, if your card is designated for online payments. Payments are processed immediately and therefore we can deliver your order right away. You card’s data is processed by our sponsoring bank and is not stored on our servers. BGFlorist strictly follows the PCI standards.

3.2.2. PayPal: You can pay your order with PayPal if you have registered profile with them. Payments are processed immediately and therefore we can deliver your order right away. Kindly note, that we do not accept e-check payments through PayPal. In case you try to pay with an e-check, your order will not be stored and you will be redirected to our website to choose an alternative payment method. You will then need to cancel the e-check payment yourself.

3.2.3. Bank transfer: To pay with a bank transfer, you will need to select this payment method on the checkout page and press the Confirm button. You will be then redirected to a confirmation page, where you will find our bank account and further instruction about the payment. This information will also be sent to your e-mail address. Express deliveries: Kindly note, that your order must be paid prior its delivery. Therefore in some cases it is necessary to send us a scanned copy or screenshot of the payment document, so that we can deliver your order, before we have actually received the payment for it. Cross border payments: Kindly note, that you must pay all bank transfer fees, including the incoming transfer fee, when making a transfer from a country different than Bulgaria. This does not apply for payments made from a member state of the EU, as long as the transfer is executed through SEPA.

3.3. Payment disputes: Payment disputes are not tolerated by the Terms of use of this website. In case you are not satisfied of the products delivered, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can try to resolve the problem. If, however, a dispute has been opened on your part, you might be charged the following fees, depending on the payment method you have used:

3.3.1. PayPal disputes: Upon opening a PayPal dispute, your order and its payment are considered invalid. If your order has been already delivered, BGFlorist might send a courier to collect the payment from its recipient. If your order has not yet been delivered, BGFlorist will cancel it.

3.3.2. Chargebacks: In case of a chargeback of payment for an order, regardless of whether it is delivered or not, you are due to pay a fee of 48.90BGN to the organization managing your credit card, an administrative fee of 20.00BGN to BGFlorist and a legal interest for the period from initiating the chargeback to when you reimburse all fees due. Should your is already delivered, by the time the chargeback is received, you are also due the full amount of your order. 
BGFlorist might transfer your debt to third parties, including legal entities and firms, specializing in collecting late payments, and undertake any actions according to the actual Bulgarian legislation in order to receive the payments you are due.